Pricing for residential lease plans

HM Land Registry compliant plans

Desktop produced lease plans from

£ 80

Up to 500 sq ft
(46.45 sq m)

£ 165

501 to 750 sq ft
(69.67 sq m)

£ 175

751 to 1,000 sq ft
(92.90 sq m)

£ 180

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Additional areas

Areas subject to the lease used by the tenant. e.g. Common parts/shared access areas down to the ground floor exits,
designated car parking, bin stores, yard areas and gardens.  When present these areas are also required shown on a lease plan. Such areas will  be listed separately and  clearly shown on the quote.

Location plan

A plan showing the property highlighted within its immediate area is required shown on a lease plan. An A4 size 1:500 scale plan is included within the quoted price. Other sizes and scale areas will be quoted for separately.


Approximately two working days following the site visit the draft lease plan will be forwarded to you in PDF format. This allows for revisions to be requested by your solicitor or yourself. After the plan has been approved and we have received payment the final plan PDF will be emailed.


Multiple lease plans ordered at the same location and bulk orders can be discounted.

Printed colour copies

Sent when instructed, priced at: A4 – £1.95 or A3 – £3.00+VAT per page plus requested delivery charges.

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