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Q: What is a lease plan?
A: A lease plan is a drawing that identifies a leasehold demise and its location. In other words, a metric drawing to an appropriate scale depicting exactly the area of land included within the lease and its location within the local environment.

Q: Do I need a lease plan? 

A: When you renew or take on a new lease lasting seven years or longer it must be registered with HM Land Registry and have a compliant lease plan. Other reasons you might need a lease plan:

  • The existing lease plan shows imperial measurements
  • No scale bar is shown on the current lease plan
  • No north pointer is shown on the current lease plan
  • The existing lease plan is not to scale or has been photocopied and reduced to fit the page
  • The existing lease plan depicts the property on an out of date Ordnance Survey plan
  • The different floor level plans identified within the lease are not present
  • Thick edgings identifying the property have obscured other detail on the plan
  • The current plan does not show sufficient detail (including any garage, designated parking, bin store, garden or grounds) to be identified on an Ordnance Survey plan
  • Colour references on the existing plan do not match the text of the deed
  • The original lease plan has been lost
  • A piece of land is being divided and sold

Q: Do you create lease plans where I live? 

A: We have two locations, covering London and Southern England, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. We also provide lease plans to the West Midlands and the Welsh Marches, including Shropshire, Herefordshire and Powys.
Q: How do I place an order? 
A: We are happy to discuss your requirements over the phone and email. Alternatively, please fill in the enquiry form on the contact page and it will forward to us. We will then be in touch.
Q: What happens when I call or email about a lease plan? 
  1. Once instructed, an appointment will be made to inspect your property and complete a dimensional survey.
  2. The draft lease plan is then digitally drawn up and a draft copy forwarded for your approval about two working days after the site visit. Larger and more complicated properties may take longer.
  3. Upon approval and receipt of payment, the completed lease plan will be emailed in PDF format or printed copies will be posted if requested directly to you and/or your solicitor.
  4. Printed to scale copies can also be posted if requested. We can liaise with other property professionals when required.
Q: How do you quote for a lease plan? 
A: Prices are calculated on:
  1. the overall gross internal area of your property per floor
  2. The number of shared access/common parts areas present, including yards, gardens and designated car parking that is required to be shown
  3. Travel time from either office. Please note: car parking charges and/or congestion charging will be added to the final invoice if applicable
Q: Are the plans you produce Land Registry compliant? 
A: Yes, all our plans conform to HM Land Registry requirements.
Q: How are your floor plans drawn? 
A: All floor plans are drawn in accordance with RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) code of measuring practice.
Q: How do you take payment? 
A: Via BACS transfer or cheque following approval of the work done. Or within 30 days from receipt of our invoice, whichever is soonest.
Q: Will you make further changes to Land Registry plans should it be needed after we have paid your invoice? 
A: Up to three sets of revisions are included within the price you have paid. In the unlikely event further revisions will be required, a quote may be sent in advance dependant on each specific case.
Q: Do you have insurance cover?
A: Yes, both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover is in place.
Q: How long have you been producing items for the property industry? 
A: Since the 1980s and supplying Land Registry plans since 2005.
Q: Apart from Land Registry plans, what other services do you offer? 
A: We also offer a wide range of products to enhance and improve your property marketing. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 
Q: Why hire an expert to create Land Registry plans?
A: Though you can go online and download the Land Registry’s guidelines for preparing plans, there are many details that could cause your plan to be rejected. These add time and cost to your residential or commercial property project. If you want to be assured of results on your first submission or advice on how to proceed, speak to us about the particular plan or service you need.

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